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This game has become one of the most popular and controversial entertainments of this kind. Many years have passed since its emergence but no one can say that he can beat the casino in roulette. What is the origin of this game and what principles and strategies do really work for it? Let’s find the answers.

The Origin of Roulette

In the 17th century, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal tried to invent the perpetual motion machine, which is how the game appeared. However, there is also more ancient evidence of a similar game.

For example, the soldiers of Ancient Rome and Greece played similar games. The modern casino roulette game includes gameplay from two famous games of the 17th century — “Rolly Polly” and “Even and Odd”. Both games involved spinning the wheel and placing bets on the outcome of the spin. Blaise Pascal was an avid gambler, and he probably knew about these games when he invented his version of the wheel.